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Almarai provides food baskets for different Charitable Associations

As part of the company’s Ramadan campaigns, Almarai provides food baskets to 15 charitable societies in various regions of the Kingdom. The societies are; Motor Disability Association for Adults in Riyadh, Al Khayrah Association in Dalam, Al Ber Charitable Society in Asheerah in Taif Governorate, Al Ber Society and Social Services in Afra in Balkarn Governorate, Karam National Association in Makkah Region, Human Services Association in Al-Juhfa Center in Hail, Al-Ber Charitable Society in Al-Harath in Jazan, Rawafed Al-Ahlia Association in Al-Nasbah in Umluj Governorate, Unaizah Society for Humanitarian Services, Autism Families Association in Al-Kharj, Al-Ber Charitable Society in Al-Sa’irah in Hail, Al-Ber Charity Society in Al-Shamasiya Governorate in Al-Qassim Region, The National Social Development Committee in Al-Kamel Governorate in the region Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Discussion Groups running under Othman Bin Affan Mosque in Jeddah, Economic Families Association in Riyadh.

It is worth mentioning that Almarai annually sponsors and supports more than 300 charitable organizations working in the field of service and community development in various regions of the Kingdom.