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Almarai’s “Appreciate the Blessings” campaign hits record numbers … Half a billion interactions and 135 million views

Almarai’s awareness campaign “Appreciate the Blessings” that was launched during the holy month of Ramadan has achieved significant Interactions with the target audience on social media platforms, TV channels, and websites. The campaign addressed a group of creative ideas that reflect the company’s commitment to its social responsibility.

Almarai has launched the campaign during Ramadan, between the 18th of March, 2021, and the 6th of May, 2021, to educate the community about the importance of preserving and appreciating the blessings. The campaign succeeded in reaching an unprecedented number on various platforms.

According to the records achieved by the campaign on social media, the number of video views has exceeded 135 million views and nearly “half a billion” of positive impressions throughout the Arab world.

Looking at the tremendous success achieved during Ramadan, the video “Preserving the Blessings” has become the most popular video ever on Almarai channel on YouTube, with more than 39 million views.

In addition to the video and the awareness messages published on social media, Almarai has organized a competition to support the campaign’s goals and enrich public awareness on ways to preserve the blessings. More than 30,000 contestants have participated.

“The campaign was based on creative ideas to remind society of the importance of preserving the blessings by communicating that one-third of the food produced annually worldwide is wasted,” mentioned Abdullah Al-Otaibi, the head of corporate communication and public relations at Almarai. And he added: “the company was keen to launch an awareness campaign in the Holy month of Ramadan to motivate the target audience to adhere to the Islamic ethics that call people to appreciate and preserve the blessings.

It is worth mentioning that Almarai has more than 6 million followers on its social media platforms. Its accounts on Twitter and Facebook are ranked among the largest audience accounts in Saudi Arabia. On Facebook, Almarai’s page is ranked as the second, and on Twitter, it’s ranked the third among corporate accounts of consumer goods companies.