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Almarai sponsors the festivals “Summer of Buraida 42” and “Summer of Aniza 42”

Almarai sponsored the festivals “Summer of Buraida 42” and “Summer of Aniza 42” in 1442 H in Qassim region by offering a variety of food and beverage products to festival visitors.

“Sponsoring such events confirms its national role and recognizes its community responsibility to serve the community and serve national tourism in order to achieve the positive impact required for the national economy.” Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Head of Corporate Communication and Public Relations at Almarai said.

It is worth mentioning that Almarai is the largest integrated dairy company globally and the largest in the production and distribution of food and beverages in the region. Almarai also exports its products to the Gulf countries and some Arab countries through the most extensive transport fleet in the Middle East.