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Almarai holds its 4th Almarai Conference on Food Safety

The fourth Conference of Almarai for Food Safety 2021 has been opened Yesterday, Tuesday, by the company’s CEO, Mr. Abdullah Albadr. The conference has been conducted virtually in the presence of representatives from the Food and Drug Authority in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Environment and Water and Agriculture, the US Food and Drug Authority, the Food and Drug Authority of Jordan, and Dubai Municipality to discuss innovative practices that ensure food safety for a sustainable future.

The conference witnessed a high level of international representation through the presentations presented. Professor John Keogh, the Founder and Managing Principal at Shantalla, Canada, presented the first presentation on “Digital Transformation in Food Ecosystems.”. The second was by Dr. Joanne Taylor, Co-founder and Culture Excellence (TSI) from the United Kingdom, which was about “Food Safety Culture and The Power of Data. The third was by Dr. Hamoud Al-Nughaymishi, Head of Risk Communication at the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, talking about “Bringing the Future of food safety to the present.” And the last presentation was presented by Mr. Frank Yiannas, Deputy Commissioner, USA Food and Drug Administration, discussing “Bending the Curve Foodborne Illness: a new Era on Smarter Food Safety.

The audience also noted that the concept of “Smarter food safety” provides a framework for knowledge that can be applied globally because it is more than just a technique for leadership, creativity, and culture, leading to more effective and modern approaches and processes.

For his part, the CEO of Almarai, Mr. Abdullah Al-Badr, confirmed that the effective partnership between Almarai and local authorities that specialized in food safety and quality and its international counterpart pushes us to permanently improve the meaning of food safety in a more sustainable manner.

He added that the trends and insights presented during this conference will help us understand how to adapt our processes and procedures to reach new and more effective ways of working to ensure food safety and enhance the protection of our brand.

In his speech at the conference, Mr. Al-Badr explained that Almarai, as a regional leader in the field of food and beverage in the Middle East, is committed to developing and improving food safety and quality within its strategic plans that are based on quality worthy of trust, to maintain the confidence of consumers and customers in our products, services every day.

Almarai is keen to organize its annual conference on food safety based on its leading regional role as the largest food and beverage producer and distributor in the Middle East and the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy company.