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Almarai receives the highest rating from the SFDA for its adherence to food safety requirements

Almarai’s manufacturing facilities obtained the highest rating (A+) from the Food and Drug Authority as part of an “evaluation program” for evaluating food establishments in the Kingdom. The facilities that obtained the ratings were Almarai Factories in Al-Kharj, Western Bakeries Factory Al-Kharj Branch, and Almarai Baby Food Factory.

Almarai factories obtained the highest ratings according to the Food and Drug Authority program after ensuring that Almarai factories adhered to food safety requirements.

“Almarai, as one of the most trusted food companies in the Middle East, puts food safety and security at the heart of everything it does to ensure that the best products are delivered every day to the millions of consumers who trust our brand,” said Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Head of Corporate Communication and Public Relations at Almarai.

Al-Otaibi continued: “Almarai’s obtaining the highest rating reinforces our constant promise of “quality you can trust” to millions of customers for more than four decades inside and outside the Kingdom.”

It is worth mentioning that this evaluation program, which followed the standards of the Food and Drug Authority, came to evaluate food facilities in the Kingdom, support safety programs in food factories, raise the level of competitiveness among facilities, enhance the reputation and quality of the local product inside and outside the Kingdom, increase consumer confidence and ensure food safety, as well as applying the principle of transparency in dealing and evaluating the general situation of food factories in the Kingdom.

Almarai is the largest vertically integrated dairy company globally and the largest in producing and distributing food and beverages in the Middle East. More than 42 million consumers consume Almarai products in the Arab Gulf region, Egypt, and Jordan.