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The Governor of the Hail honors Winners of the Almarai Medal Award “Excellence” in the NGO Sector

Prince Abdul Aziz bin Saad bin Abdul Aziz, governor of Hail region, on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, at the headquarters of the Emirate of Hail, honored the winners of the (Excellent) Award, which is sponsored and supported by Almarai Company to honor workers in the civil society sector in the Hail region.

The ceremony witnessed honoring the winners of the two tracks. The first track honner the distinguished workers in the civil society sector and receives the Creativity and Innovation Award. Walid Abdullah Al-Shadokhi came first in this track, the second was Maram Khalaf Al-Jazza, and the third was Rashid Mohsen Al-Otaibi.

The winners of the second track and obtaining the Employment Excellence Award for employees who provide outstanding performance rates in their work, as Ahmed Abdullah Al-Faridi came first. The second was Bashayer Fahad Al- Shammari, and the third was Khaled Ghaleb Al-Shammari.

” We congratulate the winners of the Distinguished Award and for obtaining the Almarai Medal in the field of work in the sector of NGOs, and we affirm that Almarai’s sponsorship and support for the Excellence Award come through its keenness to carry out its social responsibility in the Kingdom in all possible ways and present many programs, initiatives, and awards that aim to make a real positive impact in society” Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Head of Corporate Communication and Public Relations at Almarai, said
“Today, we honor the winners of the Almarai Medal for Excellence in the NGO sector in cooperation with the Society for Human Development in Hail to encourage and motivate the workers in NGOs in the Hail region. sector, creating a spirit of competition.” Al-Otaibi added.