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Almarai Sustainability Report: Decrease in Total Water Consumption by 7%

Almarai Company’s 2021 performance sustainability report revealed a 7% decrease in total water consumption compared to the previous year.
The annual report stated that Almarai is well aware that proper supervision of water consumption is critical to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the business, stressing that Almarai takes care of water resources more efficiently every day by increasing the water recycling rate by 56 percent.
According to the report, water forms a significant part of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, which identifies the importance of managing and mitigating water challenges and the need for water stewardship. Therefore, water is at the forefront of environmental pasture goals to implement best practices.
The report emphasized that the efficiency of Almarai’s water management practices allowed higher productivity by using less water, indicating that Almarai strives for innovation and creativity, to move forward within its supply chain and drive performance for higher productivity while reducing the overall use of water.
It is noteworthy that since 2011 Almarai Company has imported 100% of its feed needs from outside the Kingdom to preserve the Kingdom’s water resources, to be the first food company in the Kingdom to take this strategic step, and to establish subsidiaries in Argentina and the United States to grow 100% of the Fodder, and then imported into the Kingdom to feed cows and produce dairy.