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King Saud University honors Almarai for sponsoring the “Abwab” interactive art exhibition

On Friday, June 10, 2022, King Saud University, Almarai Company, honored the facilities of for sponsoring the interactive art exhibition “Abwab” organized by the University’s Outstanding and Talented Students Program.

The honorary shield was handed over by Dr. Talal Al-Huzaimi, Director of the Outstanding and Talented Students Program at King Saud University, to Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mazyed, Events Manager at Almarai Company.

They were honoring Almarai for sponsoring the exhibition, which was implemented by outstanding and talented students, to support and highlight the talents of students at King Saud University.

It is worth noting that Almarai annually sponsors and supports more than 300 charitable organizations working in service and community development in various regions of the Kingdom.