Dairy Liquids Products

Fresh Laban

Meet the original Laban, enjoyed by millions. Almarai Fresh Laban is not only delicious, it’s good for you as well. A wholesome and natural thirst quencher, our Laban includes a special probiotic culture that makes a positive difference to your overall wellbeing while helping to keep your digestive system in top condition.

Fresh Milk

Almarai understands the importance you place on only giving your family premium quality dairy products. That’s why we set the highest standards possible to put great tasting milk on your table every day. Nurture your family’s health and vitality by making Almarai Fresh Milk part of your daily routine. After all, milk is one of nature’s healthiest, most wholesome foods.

Almarai up

Almarai Up is a diluted laban drink with added salt to appeal to the consumers of thin salted laban. Almarai Up has excellent taste and quality in line with Almarai tradition. It is a refreshing and relaxing laban drink. Almarai Up is a good source of body salt replenishment especially during the summer time. It is made from pure cow’s milk.

Vetal Laban

Vetal Probiotic Yoghurts are designed to give your digestive system a boost. They contain lactobacillus acidophilus (NCFM), which contributes to a healthy level of naturally beneficial bacteria in your gut and can enhance digestion with a daily 120g serving.

Vetal Milk

Vetal is specially fortified fresh milk that gives you more of what you need and want from milk. Vetal Fresh Milk contains 40% more protein, 35% more calcium but 67% less fat than regular full-fat milk and is specially designed to take care of your bones and muscles for a healthy body.
Available Sizes:

Fresh Flavoured Laban

Made from 100% Almarai low fat Fresh Laban and 100% real fruit juice, this yummy drink combines the best there is of calcium and vitamins from laban and juice to give you a healthy, full of goodness chilled drink that tastes so good, it will leave you wanting more.

Fresh Flavoured Milk

Almarai Fresh Flavored Milks are so irresistible, it’s easy to forget how good they are for you. Full of essential nutrients and minerals, they are a great source of strength and vitality for the whole family. With all the calcium of plain milk, our Fresh Flavoured Milk is big on essential nutrients – and big on taste!


Milkshake is a fun, fulfilling, fresh milk-based treat. It has a creamy and delicious taste with a foamy texture that comes alive when you shake the bottle. Full of milky goodness, milkshake is a delicious source of calcium, vitamins and minerals. It comes in two contemporary flavors in convenient 340ml on-the-go bottles: strawberry with white chocolate; and chocolate with mocha.

Long Life Milk

Almarai Long-Life Milk is refreshing and energizing, its essential vitamins and proteins make your body stronger. Simply goodness that tastes great!

Flavoured Long Life Milk

Drinking milk is now even more fun with Almarai’s flavoured UHT milk which comes in four tasty flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla. Our flavoured UHT milk is fortified with calcium and vitamins which makes it a delicious and healthy treat.

Evaporated Milk

Almarai Evaporated Milk is just pure cow’s milk with around half the water removed, making it rich, creamy and delicious. Whether you use it for cooking, baking or simply with your favorite hot drink, Almarai Evaporated Milk is packed with goodness and has a great taste you’ll love.


New Almarai Lactofree milk allows anyone who is lactose intolerant to enjoy all the benefits of milk again. This pure, delicious lactose-free filtered milk still delivers the healthy calcium and vitamins your body needs. So, take advantage of milk’s health enhancing goodness without sacrificing great taste – and without experiencing discomfort.

Full Cream Milk Powder

Our new fortified MILK POWDER, enhanced with vitamins, offers you and your family only the very best in nutritional benefits that you deserve.