Research & Development

The Almarai vision of research and development involves continuous search for healthy products of high quality nutrition value to consumer’s satisfaction and tastes, through constant analyses of consumers’ demands and study of potential choices. To implement its vision, Almarai depends on innovation to develop new products through scientific mechanisms aiming at increasing the number of new products launches and enriching consumers’ lives.


Back in 2009, Almarai had started an initiative called “Almarai for Innovation Management” which is at the center of its innovation activities. Almarai's research and development efforts annually result in testing of 630 experimental products each year with 65 products under development at all times throughout the year.

Key innovation initiatives were introduced in 2013 across all categories.

(14 new innovations)

Almarai Ayraan
Baladi Laban
Feta flavoured jar cheese
Ring-pull tin for tinned cheese
Gaimar 125mL pack
Fresh milk 250mL in UAE
120g Cheese jar
Vegetable oil recipe recombined cream cheese 500g and 900g
Zabadi 4kg and 10kg
Joosy Life Orange
Joosy Life Apple
Joosy Life Mango
Joosy Life Guava
1.5L Family pack for juices

(7 new innovations)

L’usine Mini Pizza
L’usine Mini Arabic Bread
L’usine Mini Croissant
L’usine Jumbo Butter Croissant
L’Usine milk squares
L’Usine triple cheese puff
L’Usine pizza puff

(11 new innovations)

Chili flavour whole chicken in vacuum bags
Curry flavour whole chicken in vacuum bags
BBQ flavour whole chicken in vacuum bags (new flavour)
Mexican flavour whole chicken in vacuum bags
Chicken wings curry flavour
Chicken whole legs curry flavour
Chicken wings BBQ flavour
Chicken whole legs BBQ flavour
Spicy flavour whole chicken
Spicy flavour chicken whole legs
Spicy flavour chicken wings

2018 Key innovation initiatives across all categories

More than 60 new products were launched in 2018 under different categories as follows:


(34 new innovations)


(8 new innovations)


(4 new innovations)


(2 new innovations)