Senior Management

Majed Nofal

Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Majed Nofal joined Almarai in 2010 and was appointed as CEO in January 2020. Prior to this Majed held a number of positions within Almarai group including Deputy CEO, VP New Businesses, Head of Central Procurement, CEO and CFO of Western Bakeries Co.
Prior to joining Almarai, Majed held posts within Audit and Assurance services at Ernst & Young.
He holds Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from King Saud University (KSA).

Faisal Alfahadi

VP Corporate Affairs

Mr. Alfahadi joined Almarai in 2009 as Head of Administration and was appointed as General Manager of Human Resources and Support Services effective from August 2015.

Prior to joining Almarai, he worked for more than 15 years in major private sector companies where he accumulated experience in the field of Human Resources and Administration.

He holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from University of Salford, UK.

Fawaz Aljasser

Chief Human Resources Officer - CHRO

Fawaz Aljasser has joined Almarai in 2005, and was appointed as General Manager of Corporate Human Resources and Support Services in Dec 2017.

Fawaz held a number of positions in the company most recently as General Manager of Teeba -Almarai Joint Venture in Jordan.

He has worked as a director of the Dairy and Food Polytechnic and worked for various business sectors; in manufacturing & distribution, sales.

Aljasser holds a Post Graduate diploma in BA from Leicester University-UK.

Abdullah Al Bader

EVP Bakery

Abdullah Al Bader has joined Almarai in 2000, and was appointed as General Manager of Bakery in August 2015.

He held a number of positions in the company most recently as General Manager – Support Services prior to his current role as General Manager – Bakery. He has worked for various business sectors; in manufacturing & distribution, sales, marketing, and corporate. Al Bader holds an MBA from Leicester University – UK.

Andrew Mackie

EVP Farming

Andrew Mackie joined Almarai Company in 1977 after graduating from the West of Scotland Agricultural College in the United Kingdom. He has been General Manager of Farming since 1998, having previously served as Regional Manager of Farming for several years.

Polys Partelides

Chief Strategy and Planning Officer - CSPO

Polys Partelides is the Chief Strategy and Planning Officer for Almarai, leading the company’s Strategic business unit with responsibility for Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) for existing and new business and markets. Prior to joining Almarai, Polys was Director of Global Strategy and Development Director at INVISTA and was responsible for growing the international scope of the business both organically and via M&A. Polys holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics, an MBA from INSEAD.
He started his career at KPMG, where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Paul Gay

Chief Financial Officer - CFO

Paul Gay was appointed as Almarai’s CFO in September 2011. He holds an executive MBA from ESCP Europe (1980), a French Public Accountant Certificate, with Tax specialization (1982) and the INSEAD Corporate Finance Diploma (2003). Prior to joining Almarai he was the CFO of Firmenich, the global leading Fragrances & Flavors house. Before that, he held senior finance and management positions at Givaudan, the Roche Group, Computerland Europe, ICL, National Semiconductor and IBM in China, Japan, USA and Europe.

Hussam Abdulqader

Chief Marketing Officer - CMO

Hussam Abdulqader is Almarai’s Chief Marketing Officer. His responsibility spans over Branding, Product and Packaging development and Innovation, Marketing Services, Corporate and Marketing Communications and Public Relations. Since joining Almarai in 2003, he held several positions across a range of the company’s divisions, including Marketing Services Manager, Marketing Manager, General Manager of Marketing, CEO of MFI, a joint venture of Almarai and Chipita, CEO of Teeba, the Jordan operation of the JV of Almarai and PepsiCo. Prior to joining Almarai, Hussam worked for Nielsen as Head of Retail Measurement Services for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Amman Private University, Jordan.

Richard Salisbury

VP Quality, Regulatory, HSS, Sustainability

Richard Salisbury was appointed General Manager Quality and Product Development in August 2014, prior to which he was the Almarai Head of Product Development and Innovation.

Mr. Salisbury first joined Almarai Company in 1994 and held positions in Product Development and Quality, during this period he was responsible for delivering a range of added value Dairy projects.

Prior to joining Almarai Company in 2012, Mr. Salisbury worked at Britvic Soft Drinks and St Ivel in the United Kingdom, holding various positions in Product Development, Packaging Development and Project Management over 20 years, leading to Dairy and Soft Drinks launches in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States.

Mr. Salisbury graduated in Food Science and Technology from Seale-Hayne Agricultural College in the United Kingdom.

Sjur Fitje

Chief Technology Officer - CTO

Sjur Fitje joined Almarai in May 2015 to serve as General Manager for Operations. Prior to joining Almarai, he worked for two years at Kavli Group as a Senior Operations Director where he was responsible for leading a strategic and hands-on turn-around program for a fresh dairy products operation. He also served as the VP of Corporate Supply Chain Development at Arla Foods. He graduated in 1996 from the Norwegian School of Business.

Omar Mohammed Salem

EVP Dairy & Juice

Prior to joining Almarai, Omar worked for twelve years at Mars Inc. as a Director of Marketing across Africa, India and the Middle East where he developed the chocolate category across the region into a leading food category and increased the Galaxy, Snickers, M&M’s, Twix brands’ market share to be among the highest across the world. Omar holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Oklahoma State University (USA).


Niall Mackay

EVP - Sales, Distribution & Logistics

Niall Joined Almarai in 2014 in the role of Head if Transport & Logistics. Prior joining Almarai, he worked for Pedigree Petfoods (Mars Inc.),Coca-Cola Enterprises, British Bakeries (Rank, Hovis McDougal) and the Royal Mail (UK) in various Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Distribution roles before performing numerous consultancy assignments. Niall Master of Chemical Engineering degree from Imperial College, London as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from Henley Management College, London.