Almarai in the Community

Living values. Enriching lives

We believe that it is our duty to make a positive contribution to uplifting the lives of everyone in our society, building opportunities and inspiring hope.Our commitment to enriching people’s lives goes beyond our core business to embrace the wider community. We believe that if we invest in the communities we operate in, we will all enjoy long-term benefits.

Our Commitment Our Community

As a responsible corporate citizen, we play an active role in supporting social causes through a mix of charitable donations and event sponsorships. Among other areas, our community investment program covers health, science, education and sports.
We place a particular emphasis on building links with philanthropic, social and cultural groups that share our support for national values and future development.
Our belief in the importance of serving our communities goes to the very top of our organization and our people-first philosophy is enshrined in our management systems and processes.

Understanding the needs of Almarai’s customers is matched by equal commitment to the best interests of employees, its communities, and the environment.

Community Participation

A range of programs provide career growth. Almarai’s Dairy & Food Polytechnic trains more than 400 students every year, and the Graduate Professional Trainee program employs hundreds of talented fresh graduates. The Almarai Sales Academy designs and runs competency based development programs. The aim is to provide the highest standards and enable people to excel in their professions and grow in their careers, while meeting the organization’s succession plans. The Almarai Driving School provides driving lessons for the lorry and heavy truck drivers who join the company every year as its fleet grows.

Employee welfare is equally important. The company applies international occupational safety and health standards, introduces policies to stimulate employee engagement, reviews wages regularly, and encourages positive communication.

Supporting Education
In the broader sense, community involvement focuses on supporting education and excellence through initiatives such as the Almarai Award for Scientific Innovation, the Almarai Education Excellence Award for Arab students in the GCC, and the Almarai Award for Veterinary Excellence. The entire concept of sustainability management is defined as the integrated management of economic, environmental, and social performance, with the goal of creating value for all stakeholders. Almarai considers this an essential part of business excellence.

Environment sustainability
Water conservation and sustainable farming methods are central to fulfilling Almarai’s growth strategy. Hence the commitment it made in 2011 to invest significantly overseas. Alongside water conservation, a review of electricity consumption has led to a substantial reduction in the amount of power used by the company’s facilities, further reducing Almarai’s carbon footprint.