Message from Management

Message from the management

As a company, we have always been proud of our readiness to drive change, and of being a leader in developing novel approaches, ideas and products. Sustainability complements our focus on quality; helping us to drive better practices in how we operate across every aspect of our business, within our own operations and in our relationship with our stakeholders, including the communities where we operate. By developing an active and comprehensive approach to sustainability management, we have put in place a firm foundation that will help us translate this belief into action.
We understand that the principles, aspirations and policies which underpin the sustainability management approach we have created need to be backed up by solid action on the ground. The social, environmental and economic actions and initiatives we are taking not only make sound business sense; they also benefit the country as a whole and reflect priorities within the Saudi National Vision 2030. We are proud to be contributing to these goals and will continue to take actions which support the socio-economic development of our country, the region and the communities where we operate.

Almarai believes the world can be a better place if we are all committed to doing better every day. This is an important belief for our business as a whole and for everyone who works in it and with us. By working in partnership and by making sure we are addressing the most material topics in a coherent and cohesive way, we can all contribute to a truly sustainable future. We are keen to see how our commitment to sustainability will drive further improvements to our business in the years ahead.

To read more about our efforts to deliver on our ambitions, read this section of the Sustainability Report 2019