How can I work for Almarai?
You can check Almarai’s vacancies by clicking "Here" where Almarai announces the vacancies and receives candidates’ applications. If certain jobs are not found by search criteria or appropriate to your major, we encourage you to register at the same link so that your information and your CV remain with us.

How can I follow up on a job application with Almarai?
If the request is successful and meets the selection criteria, the Personnel Department will contact you.

How can I join a training program at Almarai?
The Human Resources Department of Almarai welcomes training requests via this info@almarai.com

How can I send my notes on a certain product?
You can reach the Customer Service team at Almarai by phone: 8001246688 or via WhatsApp messages on: 00966554700101

Can I provide Almarai with suggestions for its products?
We are always glad to receive your suggestions through this email: info@almarai.com . We thank you for your positive interaction.

How can I apply to visit Almarai's farms and factories?
The visit to Almarai's farms and factories is available in the cities of Riyadh and Alkharj. You can submit your application through the website by clicking "Here"

How can I contact the Investor Relations Department?
You can contact the Investor Relations Department via this email: investor.relations@almarai.com

How can I get Almarai’s support and sponsorship for the social activities?
You can contact the Public Relations via this email: info@almarai.com

How can I learn about Almarai’s brands and products?
Almarai maintains 6 brands, you can see them, and the list of products listed under each brand by visiting Almarai website by clicking "Here"

How can I view Almarai's annual reports and financial information?
You can view the annual reports, financial statements, quarterly reports, and sustainability reports by visiting the "Investors" page at Almarai website by clicking "Here"